Friday, 11 June 2010

Verbs # 2: 泣く or 鳴く ?

Lesson Notes:

Today’s verb is: 泣く Naku means to cry.

The positive present masu form of Naku is: 泣きます = nakimasu = crying.
The negative present masu form of Naku is: 泣きません = nakimasen = not crying.
The positive past masu form of Naku is: 泣きました = nakimashita = cried.
The negative past masu form of Naku is: 泣きませんでした = nakimasendeshita = did not cry.

その赤ちゃんが泣きました。 Sono akachan ga nakimashita. The baby cried.

その = Sono = That / The.
赤ちゃん = Akachan = Baby.
= Ga = Subject particle / marker.
泣きました = Nakimashita = Cried.

There is also another Naku the Kanji is different 鳴く and means the sound made my dogs, cats and birds, etc?

For example:

猫が鳴いています = neko ga naite imasu = the cat is meowing.

= Neko = Cat.
鳴いて = Naite = The 'Te' form of 鳴く. In this case it means 'meowing.'
います = Imasu; Used for living animated things, such has animals, fish and people.

犬が鳴いています = inu ga naite imasu = the dog is barking.

= Inu = Dog.

In the above sentence 鳴いて now means 'barking.'

The sound word for crying is: しくしく Shiku shiku = sobbing, crying.

More Sentence Examples:

彼女は一日じゅう泣きました。= Kanojuu wa ichinichijuu nakimashita. = She cried all day.
庭で鳥がいます。 = Niwa de tori ga naite imasu. = A bird is singing in the garden.
お母さんがしくしくしています = Okaasan ga shiku shiku shite imasu. = Mother is crying.

Kanji Break Down:

= Cry, Weep, Moan.
ON Reading: Kyuu.
KUN Reading: Naku.

= Red.
ON Reading: Seki, Shaku.
KUN Reading: Aka, Akai, Akaramu, Akarameru.

= Chirp, Meow, Bark, Sound, Ring, Echo, Honk.
ON Reading: Mei.
KUN Reading: Naku, Naru, Narasu.

= Cat.
ON Reading: Byou.
KUN Reading: Neko.

= Dog.
ON Reading: Ken.
KUN Reading: Inu.

= He, That, The.
ON Reading: Hi.
Kun Reading: Kare, Kano.

= Woman, Female.
ON Reading: Jo, Nyo, Nyou.
KUN Reading: Onna, Me.

= garden, Courtyard, Yard.
ON Reading: Tei.
KUN Reading: Niwa.

= Mother, Mum.
ON Reading: Bo
KUN Reading: Haha, Mo.

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